Influencers and Blogs: 3 ways to improve them.

Social media is changing everyday, so imagine that the most exciting thing that you have done so far is posting on facebook and update your instagram account, now if you want to become a blogger influencer, things can turn out exciting, right; as an student of the Social Media Marketing program at the Northwestern University we are learning exactly how to do this without dying in the attempt, so I have decided to take this process in a theoretical and practical way at the same time, writing about what I would like to become: a blogger influencer on small business marketing, branding and lifestyle. So in this case I will be using some info from two articles.

“How to identify social media influencer” from Alex York @SproutAlexYork, SEO and specialist on Sprout Social. He defines influencers as “the bread and butter to marketing strategies to help build valuable relationships on social media platforms”. This has really become in one of the best ways to help brands to engage with their target. The sad part is that an influencer doesn´t became from one day to another, it is a process that will take some effort and time. First you have to know what types of influencers exist: social media expert, a popular youtuber user, famous people and bloggers. So in this case we will refer for the bloggers.




“How Social Media Can Be Magic For Your Blog” is another article from Peg Fitzpatrick co-author of The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users. She tell us about how social media can really help us to improve a successful blog, and that in consequence will take us to be successful influencers. She makes emphasis on how social media and blogs need each other to coexist, the have a bound that join them in some kind of super power, so you do not have a blog if you can not share it in the social media, and to be an influencer, well, you need a blog, so it is all related.




So, we will make it simple… 3 tips to be a blogger influencer:

  1. The most you talk, the most people know you… Create, write and share, do not leave it just for you, remember to post it in all the social media, pinterest, instagram, LinkedIn, etc., just remember, watch out the sizes for every post.
  2. Find another influencers… You are not alone in the cyber world trying to catch some attention and since we are starting to do this, we will need some guidance.
  3. Do the graphics… If you wanna get attention add a visual, and quoting Peg Fitzpatrick again in her article ”According to an article by Buffer, content with images gets 94% more views and receives 150% more retweets.”

Imagine social media is a highway, and if you are afraid to get in the lane you will stay all the time on the side, where no one notice you. You have to be fearless, people are going to judge you, some will like your stuff, some other won’t, remember, creativity takes courage.