Instagram account @bogusias_dream12


We all need inspiration to do amazing things, it does´t matter where you get it as long as you get it, for me, I try following the best. Gather your 5 favorite Instagram accounts and make a list of the things that you like, also get another 5 accounts and then make a list of what you don´t like, believe me, that will guide your posts on what to avoid and what to focus on, sometime we can get lost in the way.
I read a lot of post about this very same subject so now I can list 5 essentials.
1. Choose a composition and a format for your images, try to make it the same pallet color and the same format, when people look at it they will associate it with your brand.





Instagram account @ana_morais


2. Be creative, it does´t matter if you have 1 or 20 products or services, don´t show the same image. Here is an example of the account @celangeoffcial, they sell rose brut in great, classy and funny images.

Instagram account @celangeofficial


3. Tell a story, I know this can be a hard one but you don’t have to make a novel, for example, if you are selling a hair product that makes beach waves, try to include some elements that reminds the beach. Simple as that.


Instagram account @bumbleandbumble


4. Work with the senses, people want to feel free, we are stuck in our offices all day long and sometimes the fact of trying to imagine some smell, or the wind can motivate us to keep going, help them to have some freedom.


Instagram account @roxy


5. Spread the word, share your posts in all your social media platforms, people will never know if you don´t make some noise.



Remember to be visual, remember to post constantly and remember to feed  back your followers.
**all the pictures will take you to de link of the owners….always give credit.

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