Customer Service: It’s not only being nice, it’s being efficient.


These days customer service is overrated, last night I went with my  friends to have a couple of beers to a new place in town, the fact that they just opened give us the idea that everything will be ok, the sad part…. we have to wait and wait for our beers, food and check, if I made a list to see if they accomplished all the customer service training that they are supposed to have , I would mark all the boxes as completed.

  1. They give us the welcome.
  2. The hostess give us a table.
  3. The waitress gives us the menu, explain the deals for the day, take the order.
  4. Food and drinks arrived, and the waitress make sure we are ok.
  5. Manager approaches to make us feel welcome.
  6. Got the check.
  7. Say goodbye.

And we can applied this rules for a lot of services, but that doesn’t mean they are correct or well done, the fact that you follow a manual doesn’t give you a great customer service.

Today I have another experience, I was being charged for a product that I bought online (Adobe PDF service) and I want to cancel it, and I never found the cancel button on my settings, so I opened a chat and the person that was “helping me” was a really nice person, but at no time understood what was really my need, and I was just being replied  “we are here to help you”, when I decided to finish the chat because it was leading us nowhere, this person ask me “is there anything else I can do for you?” and I was like “to be honest, you didn’t help me…”

I thought this person was gonna said something like “ok, let´s review again so we can give you a satisfying answer ” but now, I just received a very polite answer: “It was a pleasure to help you, have a good day”. You didn’t help me!!!!, you were nice, but you didn’t help me at all.


At this point all I wanted to do was pulling my hair and run all over the place, I´m feeling frustrated.

Please, if you are reading this so far, it´s because you have some interest on customer service, so make sure you follow this:

  1. The customer need to be LISTEN and you have to make sure you UNDERSTAND what the customer is saying.
  2. Be EMPATHIC, maybe you already now all the answers, it´s your job to know them not the customer, so don’t talk to the customer in a scolding tone, and don´t be to condescending.
  3. Make sure the customer gets what he asks for, not what YOU have.




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